Product: Joint Support 250ml

Copper received his first bottle of  Joint Support formula at a Farmer’s Market in Penticton, British Columbia back in 2003, when he was about 8 years old.

Copper was a rescue dog owned by Dr. Alex and Kristen Willis. Copper was suffering with arthritic and joint issues so bad, that Alex and Kristen were at that gut-wrenching point of considering putting Copper down.

Copper went on to live another 7 years, thanks to BioPetMeds Joint Support formula.

In 2008, Kristen emailed …”Wow, can’t believe that Copper is still alive . We are truly grateful for your  arthritis medicine & our holistic vet in Kelowna . 4 capfuls daily of  your medicine has given Copper a higher quality of life considering his ailments”.

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