About Us

BioPetMeds is a family-run business that has been in existence since 2000. Our mission statement … “Helping Pets Live Healthier Lives” … using holistic herbal remedies.

Whether it is our Joint Support liquid herbal supplement, dried herbs formulas, all-natural joint care doggie biscuits, first aid spray, or healing gemstone pendants (coming soon!), BioPetMeds offers pet owners natural options for treating many pet ailments.

Our Proud History

BioPetMeds developed its roots in western Canada back in the 1990’s. Ray Hunt, aka Dad, is the founder of BioPetMeds and Master Formulator of all our products. Dad has a long, successful history working in the liquid herbal manufacturing business (since the 1970’s) and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business.

In the mid 1990’s, Dad co-founded the New Westminster Natural Health Clinic. The Clinic dealt mostly with chronic illnesses, cancer, and diabetes. It was the clients of the Clinic asking for herbal tinctures for their pets, that began the birth of BioPetMeds.

“Only 100 years ago, most family medicines were prepared from garden herbs and wild plants,” says Dad. “Harvesting the natural plant Pharmacopoeia was as common as canning fruit. For example, in those days before antibiotics, Goldenseal was used for its bacteria-killing properties.”

“By handing the preparation of medicinal remedies over to drug companies, people lost not only knowledge, but also the initiative to heal themselves. Not until an alarming number of synthetic pharmaceutical products used for decades had been shown to be toxic time bombs, did people remember the effectiveness of good old safe healing herbs. The natural health care revolution today is about self-sufficiency and maintaining ones vitality. And the same holds true for our pets.” says Dad.

With a group of holistic veterinarians and herbalists, BioPetMeds focused on the pets with arthritis and joint issues to create our first product, Joint Support Liquid Herbal Supplement. It took about 2 years working with the veterinarians to finalize the dosages and test market our product.

BioPetMeds began working with Dr. Yury Kronn, founder of Vital Force Technology. And in 2003, our Arthritis/Joint Support liquid herbal supplement began getting infused with Dr. Kronn energetically enhanced properties.

BioPetMeds believes so strongly in the effectiveness of our Joint Support supplement, that we will give new qualifying customers, who’s pet is suffering with arthritis/joint issues, 50% off of a 120mL bottle of our Joint Support supplement!  That’s about a 10-14 day supply of supplement for a large dog, and plenty of time to see results.

Today, our product line also includes dried herb formulas for detoxing your pet, stress reliever, immune system booster and a urinary tract cleanse. We also offer an all-natural joint care dog biscuit and a feline joint care treat is in the works!

Our testimonials speak volumes about the success our customers are having. Have a read through them on our website and our Facebook page.

Will the trend toward herbal medicine cut into veterinarians’ clientele? Not so according to Dad. “Always check with your vet,” he says. “Herbal remedies are a safe way of dealing with many common ailments. However, if you are in doubt about your pet’s health, you should always seek professional help from a veterinarian.”

In 2013, BioPetMeds moved its operations to eastern Canada, in beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario.


To Your Pet’s Health,

The BioPetMeds Team


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