Gemma - Taylor Anderson

Product: Joint Support 250ml

We adopted Gemma 4 years ago after our beloved Chesapeake died suddenly. Gemma had been run over by a tractor when she was two yrs old and had developed severe arthritis in her back as she aged. Her previous owners were not interested in giving her quality of life and had brought her into our vet to be euthanized.

Three years later we discovered BioPetMeds from a friend and what a difference it has made!

She no longer is stiff when getting up, and, at 10 yrs old, acts like a two yr old, running, jumping and just enjoying her life. She enjoys her twice daily walks of 45 minutes each and if it wasn’t for her X-rays telling us differently, we would never believe she has arthritis.

We are over the moon after finding this arthritis/joint support supplement for her. Thank you BioPetMeds!!

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