Immune Booster

Dried Herb Supplement
NET WT. 120g


This formula will strengthen and support your pet’s immune system. It is especially beneficial for senior pets and preparing all pets for the winter months.

HERBS: Echinacea, Parsley Root, Rosehips, Red Clover Tops

There are two ways to administer: as a ground herb; as a liquid.

INSTRUCTIONS (Ground Herbs):  Grind the herbs to a fine consistency.  Return the ground herbs to the bag and seal until ready to use.  Sprinkle ground herbs onto food according to Recommended Daily Dosage (ground herbs).  Extra herbs can be stored in the freezer to maintain freshness.

Small <20 lbs ………. 1.0 tsp/day x 20 days
Med 21-60 lbs ……. 2.0 tsps/day x 20 days
Large 61+ lbs …….. 3.0 tsps/day x 20 days

INSTRUCTIONS (Liquid):  Bring 4 litres of water to a boil. Remove from heat. Add in all the herbs.  Stir slowly making sure all herbs have been submerged in the water . Simmer on low heat with lid off. Do not let mixture boil.  Stir occasionally and release any herbs built up along side of the pot. Simmer for 2-3 hours until the mixture reduces to approximately 2.5 litres. Let cool. Strain and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.  The herbal liquid can be mixed into food or water according to Recommended Daily Dosage (liquid).

Small <20 lbs ………. 4.0 tbsps/day x 20 days
Med 21-60 lbs ……. 6.0 tbsps/day x 20 days
Large 61+ lbs …….. 8.0 tbsps/day x 20 days

This information is for educational purposes and should not be used for the diagnose, treatment, or prevention of disease. Check with your veterinarian if in doubt.