Brie - Mia Staysko

Product: Joint Support 250ml

Brie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was about 2. She came up lame one day, holding her back leg up. After a $1200 denervation surgery which seemingly made no difference, she was still ‘the three legged dog’. My vet recommended supplements, but there was no change. Elk velvet antler, no real improvement. Then one day my sister-in-law and I found BioPetMeds at the Naramata Fair and gave that a try.

Success – this stuff made a difference!

That was many years ago. As I write this today, Brie is 13 years of age. Brie has been able to live the full and active life that every Border Collie demands. No more three legged dog, thanks to what I lovingly refer to as “Ray’s Secret Stuff”!

Mia Staysko
DeWinton, Alberta. February 19, 2014

Note from BioPetMeds: “Ray” is Ray Hunt who is the creator/master formulator of the “secret stuff”, which is BioPetMeds Joint Support Supplement.

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