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He’s only 6 years old but three years ago he started to squeal when I went to pick him up, he slowed down on our walks and sat halfway through them because he wanted to go back home. Two different vets said he may have injured himself, or may just be fussy as some small dogs are, they both prescribed a short term pain reliever. The pain reliever worked but I knew it wasn’t good for him and I didn’t want to continue with it indefinitely. 6 months later, he was worse and the pain relievers seemed only to help for part of the day and the results weren’t great. Soon he could no longer make it up the stairs, or run and play like he used to, he was grouchy with the other dogs and didn’t tolerate them playing around him. I brought him into see a third vet who diagnosed him with advanced hip dysplasia on both sides.

I was told he needed to be put on pain meds permanently or have surgery to remove his femurs. He had surgery on one side and improved about 65%. He still had trouble getting up, he walked with a limp, he still cried when I picked him up, he still slept most of the day away, he was still intolerant of other dogs playing near him, he wasn’t happy and was in pain. I wasn’t sure how much longer he would last. My beautiful little pom was suffering and I felt helpless. That was until I met Penny Hunt and tried BioPetMeds medicines. I initially did a detox (from BioPetMeds) to purify his system of all the pain meds and toxins, I then started him on a raw food diet and incorporated the ‘magic juice’ (Joint Support Liquid Glucosamine Supplement). Within 2 weeks I had a new dog, within 3 months he had more energy than he did when he was a puppy. He was the spirited, spunky little guy I longed to have back. He’s been on this product for several months now and he races ahead of all the other dogs on his walks, he runs after balls, he runs up the stairs, and he JUMPS for his breakfast! He stands on his back legs (yes his hip dysplasia ridden legs) to nuzzle up and get pets, best of all, he comes to me for cuddles. I don’t know what I would have done without this product. It has increased his quality of life like nothing else has, he is my loveable little guy and I’m so happy to have him back!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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